Posted: February 11th, 2023

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Your research was dependent more on the information that each participant gave showing that they understood sensationalism and if they themselves utilized what could be considered an unethical journalistic practice,Great post!  This is very true. I am observing the participants and their answers. Another example is my husband is a police officer and has to take statements from witnesses all the time.  He says it is really difficult because the witnesses will all say something different when talking about the same scene.  Observations are absolutely seen through our own “set” of eyes and experiences, upbringings, etc.  I often times tell my journalism students that it may also be impossible to be truly objective when reporting news stories for the same reasons mentioned above.  “Objectivity” is really an ideal and may be impossible to achieve.Class – what are your thoughts about our ability to be truly objective?300 words APA

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