Posted: February 11th, 2023

For Don Timoh- English Essay about an education-centric topic.

Hey Don,For this essay, you will choose an education-centric topic from the class lessons. School to Prison PipelineEducation in PrisonCharter SchoolsTeachers UnionsStudent Loan DebtEssay Requirements:You have to use Cause and Effect essay type on this essay. Also, essay must contain both cause and effect part.Write a 1000-1200 word MLA cause and effect research paper using the guidelines. I uploaded these guidelines in the attachments section.I have provided several sources for you, but you will need to find three additional sources on your own. Your paper must total at least five sources. These need to be argumentative, academic sources—the dictionary or encyclopedia-type sources do not count towards this total.If there are no research or MLA citations (in-text or full) it will result in a failing gradeYou must include on graph to enhance your argumentDon’t forget to use graph. You must include on graph… I want to see minimum 5 sources in Text Citation page. (At least 5 sources). (It must be 2-3 your sources and 2-3 my sources). And you have to use academic sources).

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For Don Timoh- English Essay about an education-centric topic.
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