Posted: October 27th, 2022

FIU talent and career

FIU Career and Talent Services Self Tour

This assignment has two graded parts. You can’t earn all available points without completing both parts.

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FIU talent and career
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Part 1.Take a virtual “tour” of FIU’s

Career and Talent Development Center

.  Click on links. You’ll find links to paid internships, professional development resources, handouts, and hiring opportunities. 

After your tour, share any thoughts you have. In organizing your thoughts, it may help to consider these questions —

  • What areas of the Career and Talent Development Center did you explore and of the areas explored, which find most interesting?
  • Did you look at examples of cover letters or resumes? If so, did you save any examples to return to later to study and use?
  • Did you search for jobs or internships?

You can use these questions to get your thinking and writing started or ignore the questions and just share whatever thoughts you have.

Part 2.

Imagine that a good friend at FIU who is not in this class, is thinking about her future employment. She’s already changed majors once and complains to you that she has no idea what to do or how to go about making career decisions. She’s heard about the Career and Talent Development Center. Write her an email to share your opinion about the resource. Is it useful, repetitive, full of surprising information or just stuff you can find anywhere?  

Your combined submission — Parts 1 and 2 —  must be at least 250 words long. 

Here’s how you’ll be graded

Weekly Assignment Specifications Checklist

To earn all available points for the week’s assignment,  your submission must include all elements listed below. If your goal for this course is to earn an A, be sure to check off your completion of each element.


  • Answers all parts of the assignment prompt and expresses ideas clearly and in your own words
  • Demonstrates careful attention to the assigned reading (or viewing) and/or research
  • Includes at least one quote from the reading (or viewing) and/or research.
  • Entry must meet the word count minimum specified in the instructions.

Document Specs

  • Follows standard professional document formatting (1″ margins on all sides, double spacing, a professional font such as Times New Roman or Calibri, 12pt font)
  • Submitted by the Due Date


  • Demonstrates sufficient self-review to avoid careless errors like typos, misspellings, missing words, sentences without standard capitalization or punctuation. 


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