Final exam essay

Pick one of the brisks beneath and transcribe a confutation betwixt 500-750 words in diffusiveness. The essay should conceive at smallest two citations to materials assigned in this way. Outside sources are not required.  This assignment is not a learning essay.  Please put your citations in footnote format. Citations should conceive committer, designation, page enumerate.   Essays should appear relish an essay: intro, matter paragraphs, quittance. Your subject should be conspicuous and gentle to thrive (and, presumably, ruminate the articulation used in the brisk).  Suggestion:  Underline your subject so the TA doesn’t possess to admiration which sentence! Second Suggestion:  in a trial essay, its wise to retain intro and quittance paragraphs slight and to the top.  But don’t pass-by them entirely.  Open the finish “Essay Vindication Sheet” and character your vindication beneath the brisks. If you don’t use Word, you may cut and paste the brisk into the vindication you do use. Save “Essay Vindication Sheet” delay your call adventitious to the finishcall then upload the finish into Turnitin.