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1. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent Organization & Presentation

Min. 6 pages in length in double-spaced excluding references; subheadings provided; page numbers inserted; minimum 7 references; in-text citations and the reference list in APA; reads well with no typos and grammatical errors

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2. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBrand Positioning Strategy & Positioning Map

Positioning in reference to key competitors (no more than four in total); solid reasonings for chosen competitors; a positioning map available

3. Brand Communication

Brand communication strategies suitable for the current market environments and consumer preferences

4. How to Build Brand Equity

Leveraging secondary brand associations to build brand equity; at least two strategies utilized

5. Overall Outlook

A conclusion and a positive outlook for a long term success

FASH430 Dr. Jung

  • A Brand Case Study: Part II
  • Using the same brand you’ve selected for Part I of the brand case study, you are asked to

    develop following strategies thar are core to brand businesses. In essence, you are playing a

    role of brand manager who is in charge of reporting outcomes to the brand owners. please

    address following components:

    • What is your brand position in reference to your competitors?

    A Brand Positioning Strategy: Develop a brand positioning strategy including a brand
    positioning map (in reference to key local competitors; competitors can be domestic and
    international brands; no more than four in total). You will need to provide reasonings as
    to why your selected competitors should be considered as their core competitors, which
    is important part of this strategy. Remember that competitors have similarities (aka,
    points of parity) as well as differences (points of difference) (often with more points of

    • How would you communicate your brand?

    A Brand Communication Strategy: Examine the brand’s current communication strategies and
    make a recommendation that would work well with the current market environments including
    consumer preferences. There are no right or wrong answers as long as you can justify your
    recommended strategies.

    • How would you leverage secondary brand associations to build brand equity?

    How to Leverage Secondary Brand Associations: Develop and discuss at least two strategies to

    leverage your brand through indirect approaches to build brand equity.

    • What is the overall outlook considering all aspects?

    Overall Outlook for Future Performance: Provide a conclusion and suggestions for a long
    term opportunity in the market by relating to the key points discussed in earlier parts.


    – Min. 6 pages in length in double-spaced for content, excluding references and an

    appendix with a positioning map (cover page is optional)
    – Use subheadings available in bold letters for organizing content
    – Insert page numbers
    – Min. 7 references cited in APA (in-text as well as under references)

      A Brand Case Study: Part II

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