Posted: February 11th, 2023

Ethic II

200 WORDS MINIMUM WITH REFERENCEEthics is usually a function of individual or group norms and belief systems. Research the following ethical perspectives and the philosophers who advanced the ethical ideas. 1. Utilitarianism (Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill)2. Kant’s Categorical Imperative (Immanuel Kant)3. Rawl’s Justice as Fairness (John Rawl)Discuss the similarities and differences of two of the perspectives. Describe how each of the ethical perspectives you have chosen apply in a global business environment.Substantiate your all your comments and responses. Avoid the use of Wisegeek, NetMba, Wikipedia, excessive use of dictionaries and encyclopedias, and sources of that nature, which are not considered reputable sources, when substantiating your comments and responses.

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Ethic II
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