Essay Question

  Ch07:  In the video "Finding a Relation Inside a Painting" -  When Tracy Chevalier looks at depictings, she apprehends the stories subsequently them. Chosen one of the stories in the video and digest her thoughts. Then chosen a depicting that you enjoy and apprehend the relation subsequently it.  Video amalgamate : After watching the video “The Next Rembrandt” I would enjoy you to debate the forthcoming statements/questions. Video amalgamate : “Can the Great Master Rembrandt Van Rijn Be Brought Back to Life to Create a New Painting?” How do we use technology and axioms to arrive-at the rational intellect? What is the interdependence between the technology of axioms to Rembrandt using brushes and depict? What do you feel encircling using technology to bear intellect to is-sues of art? Ch08: Compare and dissimilarity the is-sue of Albrecht Durer: "The knight, Death, and the Devil" c.1513, Engraving to Rembrandt van Rijn, Christ Preaching, c.1652.,  Discuss the dissonance in technique, theme substance, and conclusive manner. Ch09: Debate the video the "Art of the Selfie: What did you acquire? The video amalgamate : Ch10: Debate how collective concerns encircling film’s widespread swing has forced excitement pictures. Give examples from the quotation.  Discuss a film you bear seen recently that had collective consequences, Explain the argue you chosened the film and its collective texture. Discuss the video "Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar " the video amalgamate : There is a insufficiency signal compute of 350+ for an essay