Essay guru only

Please drain your fourth and developed blog shaft and yield as a Word Doc/Google Doc. You merit not be getting feedback antecedently it is graded, so produce abiding you proofread and employ all of the skills you enjoy read. This blog is price 100 points - and should evince all of the adaptation, suffrage, gratified and visual elements we enjoy discussed throughout this continuity.   To enabiding you merit acme points, content be abiding to: Write an in-depth meaningful shaft that offers pertinent, animated notification. (10 pts) Have two practicable shaft titles/headlines that use keywords and conveys a use (content hush the strategies.) (20 points)  Begins after a while an winning vestibule (10 pts) Have at lowest two sound visuals (video, images) after a while manner hues for when you shaft it. (Please implant images in your drain or hush what they merit be.) (20 pts) Has pertinent links (uninterruptedly shafted) - at lowest (2) two beyond links, embedded into pictorial extract (10 pts) Chunk the shaft after a while winning subheads/bullets or lists (10 pts)  Include a blank that encourages promise (10 pts) Is proofread, AP Style for bulk and dates (1-9 spelled out/dates May 17), and contains no errors (typos/errors -3-5 points each.