Posted: October 27th, 2022

Essay Exam

Directions: Taking an essay exam is different from answering multiple-choice questions on a quiz. A quiz question simply asks you to recall a simple fact or two, while an essay asks you to explain the basis for the fact or how the fact has real-world applications. Essay questions require you to demonstrate that you know and understand the topic.

  • This short-essay exam contains eight questions worth 25 points each
  • Questions are drawn from chapters assigned in Weeks 1 through 4
  • Responses are expected in your own words. Generally, the use of direct quoted material is limited to no more than 10 percent of the total for each response
  • Quoted material must be properly cited in-text and at the end of the response in proper APA format

    Failure to cite may be considered plagiarism and lead to loss of points or failure of the exam

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  • The response must reflect comprehension of the issue and provide enough defense of the chosen position, as well as respond to all questions posed


1. Explain how new media has transformed the historical effects traditional media (print, TV, etc.) has had on the social construction of the justice system. Is the construct offered by social media generally consistent with other formats? What similarities and differences exist? What are the implications for public policymakers?

2. Explain the differentiating characteristics of legacy media and new media. Which do you think is the most important characteristic in the social construction of an issue? Could that change depending on the issue?

3. Explain how frames serve as templates for common social construction. Name and discuss three common frames you believe are most influential and explain why. Which frames are closely associated with news media, entertainment, and social media? How do these frames influence policy?

4. How does the media portray predatory criminality, and why? How does this differ from the way victims are represented? In what ways are the portrayals consistent with the overall presentation of crime?

5. Do you believe that violent media generates aggression in the public? Why or why not? Support your position with findings from research on this topic.

6. Explain the approach that media takes toward white-collar criminals. What types of white-collar crime tend to receive the most attention?

7. How does infotainment work as applied to law enforcement? Does that format bring an accurate reality to the viewer, and does that differ from the gained perception of the audience? Are any problems for law enforcement created or solved by infotainment portraits? Be sure to provide examples.

8. Are social media portrayals of police consistent with news and entertainment media portrayals? With reality? What concerns should law enforcement have about social media?

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