Classism Assignment Choose a question beneath and debate how adjust played a role in the battle.  1) Communist Revolution (1900-1925) 2) Cuban Revolution (1953-1959) 3) Labor of the Orders Plebeians vs Patricians – Ancient Rome (500 BCE – 200 BCE) 4) Spartacus Rebellion (73 – 71 BCE) 5) Ciompi Rebellion – Florence, Italy (1378 - 1382) 6) The Peasant’s Revolt – England (1381) 7) Jacquerie – France – (1358) 8) French Revolution (1789-1814) 9) English Civil War (1642-1651) 10) Hungarian Revolution (1956) 11) Any of your choosing succeeding a while adherent approval Instructions Answer the forthcoming questions in numerical format (#1-6). 2-3 pages. MLA format. 12 Font Times New Roman barely. All performance must be properly cited and consistent inadequately noted; do not comprise uncorrupted estimation.  1) Outline the basic truth of the circumstance(s). You can use a timeline or transcribe it out.  2) Transcribe a diminutive description of what adjust(es) are implicated in your chosen question. 3) What factors so adjust contributed to your battle? 4) How did the humanizations mental, values, attitudes and beliefs modify or recur to romance during and succeeding the battle? 5) How did the crowd implicated in your battle discern adjust? Has that modifyd or stayed the similar in that humanization? 6) In what way did your adjust labor bias recent American spirit and concepts of adjust?