Posted: February 11th, 2023


Is It Art?Is graffiti art or vandalism? The city of Covina is preparing to write a position statement on whether graffiti is an art form, or whether it is vandalism. The mayor has invited the public to join in the debate before the city writes its position statement.After reading the provided articles and viewing the video on the topic, write an argumentative, multi-paragraph essay that addresses the question “Is graffiti art or vandalism?”. You must support your position with evidence from the texts and video.Special Instructions from Due by Friday, April 7, 2017. (11:59 PM) 4 Sources1234″Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?” Great writing begins with a great plan!Claim Is graffiti art or vandalism. Support 1 Graffiti can be used as art or can be described as Vandalism.Delete Support Click to add text.Conclusion Graffiti used as art can be wonderful. It can be abused when you see buildings and trains that get abused. Use Graffiti as art and it can shown as a outstanding view. Posting it on someones property can lead to disaster. Last Saved . Saving…

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