Pick 1 of 2 stories under. "The Things They Carried" "Everyday Use" In 500-600 articulation, clear-up how capacityism is used in one of the stories you recognize in this lecture. Your essay should be a sticky defense (purposeful articles, one unifying subject, not list-like) to the use of capacityism to form sense. Questions to regard involve the following: What capacity(s) did you regard in this relation? What "big ideas" do the capacitys play? How do the capacitys report to the relation's sense or overall subject? Can these capacitys be interpreted in past than one way? Your pristine article should involve (a) the designate of the relation and fabricator, (b) a one or two decision analysis of the relation and (c) your subject proposition or ocean aim encircling the capacitys used in the relation. Your essay should be written in academic mode (no pristine or second peculiar, academic articulation, use of MLA formatting) and involve examples or quotes from the relation. Do not consider any cause other than the relation for this assignment.  No plagiarism, incline it in cohibit.