Propose a great (= strategic) firmness confrontment your chosen operation Evaluate the firmness, emphasizing its financial and operational aspects Develop a project of action for the operation to treat to establish and then implement the firmness, in a compendious rumor that includes an supporter analysis, in 10-12, double-spaced, 12-point font pages For examples: One great firmness confrontment, Inc. is whether to ameliorate the started conditions of its treatees, currently believed by manifold to be underpaid and overworked in discussion the company's tidy shipping times One great firmness confrontment Apple, Inc. is how to react the traffic portion-out its smartphones entertain of-late obsolete to competitors environing the world One great firmness confrontment Google LLC is how to forsake nature charged as a monopolist operation in the United States. More Information: What is a compendious rumor?  Could it be 10 pages or short?    One reads that IBM firmness papers are scant to that protraction, and we all foreclosure the single-sheet Ringo Sho approach to great firmnesss at Toyota. As to overall project format, I-B-C ( is, recommended for your compensation. A results-filled supporter analysis (ES) should bring off the project. This embody is to "How to Write an Supporter Summary" in Course Resources.   You may to-boot avail from a reconsideration of the files in Course Resources favoring to Writing Guidelines and  the files showing befitting APA citations.