English Essay

Basic Requirements:
 Type of match expected:  Comparison and/or Contrast Essay Length requirements – 500 vote (No over than two pages and double-spaced. Papers that are over than two pages obtain keep an habitual top conclusion) Formatting requirements – MLA format (See video-under tools and media) Documentation format – MLA citations requisite (Please name to forsake plagiarism.   Amount or symbol of learning expected – Minimal beyond learning requisite (Use at last two media) (See MDC Library Media Video) The standpoint of this avoid essay obtain be on similitude-contrast. 
Write a similitude-contrast essay discussing the differences among two far-famed literal figures.  Standpoint on peculiar similarities and differences.  Feel gratuitous to use peculiar examples from incongruous spheres of influences, love voice, film or scholarship, but be firm that they are homogeneous.  Some unnaturalnesss you influence nonproduction to purpose about: •  What are the backgrounds of the persons? •  Where are they from? •  Discuss their achievements and accolades. •  What is the notorious cognizance of these persons? Objectives: •  Students obtain performance incongruous symbols of figment strategies. •  Students obtain refer to the emotions of their conference in their own essays. •  Students obtain transcribe powerful entrances and conclusions. •  Students obtain test delay analytical skills. •  Students obtain performance origin and consequence and similitude. Evaluation Criteria: •  The most great unnaturalness is that you largely use you analytical skills in using the divert lively organization.  •  I obtain be looking to see how polite-behaved-behaved you refer to your conference and how polite-behaved-behaved you urgency the close and tender aspects of your society delay the person/place.  Also, I obtain be looking for the use of initiation and lowe?-t strategies. •  The fashion obtain be exact, and I nonproduction to see how polite-behaved-behaved you can husband the standards of American Edited English. •  I obtain be looking to see how polite-behaved-behaved you weld similitude into your essay. •  I obtain standpoint on the condition of your entrance. •  I am not looking for actual consummation, but the essay must be readable and gratuitous of unimpassioned errors that bewilder your reader.