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The body of a speech should contain two to four primary ideas (Roman numbers).

· All divisions should be strutted logically and listed according to plan.

· Roman numbers, letters and numbers should be combined with indentation to identify the main and subordinate levels.

· Items should be coordinated into main ideas, sub-points and extra information, which do not overlap.

· Each items should be include only one thought or idea.

· Every subdivision must contain at least two items.

· The outline should be either sentences or short phrases.

· The outline should include external transitions between primary ideas.

· There should be no more than four divisions on any level (goal should be two or three).

The outline will be graded on.

1- Completeness, if it is in the speech it is on the outline.

2- Proper use Roman Numbers, Letters and numbers on each level.

3- Indentation and neatness.

4- Proper use of divisions-two to four per level.

5- Complete division. Each subdivision has at least two items.

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