Posted: January 24th, 2023


  Scholarly Article Annotation : 

For this assignment, you will locate one scholarly article and create an annotated bibliography entry. 

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Your post should begin with an APA citation for the article and then include two paragraphs after the citation. Paragraph 1 should be a summary of the main ideas presented in the source. Paragraph 2 should evaluate the source’s quality and explain how the source is relevant to your research for the final draft of your short story analysis.


Examples of Journals with Scholarly Articles:

  • Studies in Short Fiction
  • The Explicator
  • Modern Fiction Studies
  • Language and Literature
  • Critique
  • Modern Language Notes
  • Nineteenth-Century Fiction
  • Twentieth-Century Literature


Post an annotation of your source to the discussion board. Your annotation should include:

  • A complete APA citation of your scholarly article
  • A paragraph of summary of the key points presented in your source
  • A paragraph explaining the source’s quality and how it is relevant to your analytical essay

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