Posted: February 11th, 2023


ECVL 422 Infrastructure Management systems TERM PROJECT ASSIGNMENTOverview:  The course’s main focus is on managing infrastructure assets systems. This management covers different phases during an assets life cycle, the longest of which is the operation phase. In this phase the asset is being operated, maintained and rehabilitated. Managing this phase relies heavily on different performance models and decision support tools.You are asked to work individually towards choosing one of the four main assets addressed during this course (roads/highways, bridges, fresh water networks and waste water networks) and researching emerging performance models.  In a more detailed description, you are required to explore credible sources and locate emerging performance models. For the located models, you are required to review, organize, summarize and explore the advantages and limitations of each of these models. These models could be for modelling condition deterioration, risk, failure probability, level or quality of service, functionality, remaining life, or any similar performance aspect. Credible sources include but are not limited to ASCE Journals for Construction Engineering and Management, Performance of Constructed Facilities, Pipelines System Engineering, Bridge Engineering, and Infrastructure Systems.  This project is worth 20% of the total course grade. A rubric will be provided to clearly state how the grades are allocated to different components of the report, and what the requirements for the full grade are. An example table of contents might also be provided as a guide.  Submittals:  A professional report (and maybe a presentation) will be required by each student. The reports (and the presentation if required) must be submitted by 10:00 am on Sunday, April 9th, in hard copy and through

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