Posted: October 27th, 2022

Electronic health record research paper

 When we hear “electronic health record,” we often think of Epic. While this EHR is on the list of the 10 most common electronic health record platforms, there are numerous other EMR/EHRs on the “top 10” list. This assignment andactivity will provide an opportunity to explore one of the “top 10’s” and to share our discoveries in a collaborative fashion. Perhaps Johnson Medical Clinic will want to pursue the purchase of one of these EMR/EHRs!

Select one of the following EMR/EHRs from the list. Explore the company’s website and provide responses in paper format to the following:

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Electronic health record research paper
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  • Website URL
  • Describe the EMR/EHR.
  • Provide what you deem to be the benefits as well as the challenges in using this EMR/EHR.
  • Provide one practical application use of this EMR/EHR in your medical administrative specialist role.
  • You paper must be a minimum of one-page, single spaced, with 1″ margins. Use 11 pt. Calibri font. 


  • Cerner EMR
  • GE Centricity EMR
  • Care Cloud EHR
  • Athenahealth EHR

Save your paper and name it Your Last Name Electronic Health Record Paper (for example, Susan Smith’s file would be named Smith Electronic Health Record), Submit your paper through this link. The grading rubric is attached. An accurate paper earns 25 points. 

Electronic Health Record: Research & Write


Grading Rubric

You have one attempt to submit this assignment. Late submissions will receive a score of zero; however, as noted in the course requirements, all assignments must be submitted. Please review the criteria below to note how your submission will be scored.







Points Earned

The assigned EHR/EMR website URL has been provided.


The paper includes information describing the assigned EHR/EMR.


The paper includes benefits as well as challenges of the assigned EHR/EMR.

The paper includes one practical application use of the assigned EHR/EMR in your medical administrative specialist role.

The paper is organized in structure.


The paper has been proofread: grammar, sentence structure, and spelling are accurate.

Total Points


Internship Grading Rubric Page | 1

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