Posted: October 27th, 2022


1.   A characteristic of good activity plan objectives are that they  ________.

     (a).    Are fun for children to do.       (b).    Describe child behavior/actions.       (c).    Relate to the theme of the day.     (d).    Describe how children will participate in an activity

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2.   Which of the following is an example of an appropriate activity plan objective as described in your text?  ______.

      (a).   The adult will select appropriate material for the children to use.     (b).   Children will think about seeds and leaves.      (c).   The child will feel good about his or her participation in the activity. 

      (d).  The child will put the story  characters in sequence on flannel board.

3.   Which of the following elements should you consider first when developing an activity plan?  _______,

     (a).    The  materials        (b).  The content        ( c).   The objective       ( d).    The title

4.    Which of the following parts of the activity plan focuses on the effectiveness of your teaching?  _______.

      (a).    The materials         (b).   The objectives      (c).   The procedures         (d).    The evaluation  

5.    Which  of the  following parts of  the activity plan  includes ways to simplify the lesson to accommodate the needs of some or all of the children?

       (a).    The content        (b).   The objective     (c).   The procedures        (d).    The evaluation 

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