Posted: February 11th, 2023

edit for my essay, i need it after 10 hours

i need some edit on my essay ( i recieved comment from my professor and i need to fix it)Here the comment :-There are quite a few issues with your review. You don’t include any secondary research about this text or in conjunction with it. The biggest issue for me is that as a reader of your review, I have no idea that this book is a collection of essays. I don’t know the topics of the essays and I don’t have any idea of what each essay is about because there is no brief summary of the essays. No discussion about Nabhan’s take on seed banks and ways to improve agriculture by learning from the ancients. You don’t provide a connection to any other required reading from the course–no comparison at all. (See rubric, section 3.) ( for this part you will find the requried reading in attachment file in three picture)And there are writing issues. Paragraphs are not cohesive, and include hanging words, with no analysis or interpretation of quotes. Also, you will find the essay and the grade criteria in attach file

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edit for my essay, i need it after 10 hours
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