1. The subjoined chance disposal represents the calculate of vulgar buttress in a Household (X), and the chance of event (P(X)). Abuse the Expected Value (mean), the Variance and the Standard Deviation for this wild shifting.     X       1         2        3          4          5                  P(X)    .34      .29      .18        .12       .07         2. Use the binomial formula to abuse the chance of a novice getting 4 punish responses on a 9 topic Quiz, if the chance of obedient any one topic punishly is 0.77. SHOW YOUR WORK. 3. Submit your responses to the subjoined binomial topics. You may use the appendix tables 5 to response compressiveness a and b. According to a empire examine,15% of all progeny subsist in a household that has an proceeds adown the destitution roll. If a wild specimen of 20 progeny is selected: a) what is the chance that 4 or past subsist in destitution? b) what is the chance that 4 subsist in destitution? c) what is the expected calculate (mean) that subsist in destitution?