Posted: February 11th, 2023

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Identify the requirements for a general manager, including education, trainings, and experience, and why these qualifications are important for this position to be successful. 200 wordQuestion 1The __________ is the difference between the cost of preparing the item and its selling price.Question 2__________ was developed by Smith Travel Research and is calculated by dividing room revenue by the number of rooms available.Question 3Bar efficiency is measured by the __________.Question 4The __________ houses the electronic database in the CRO.Question 5The rooms division works together to please guests and is comprised of reservations, front office, housekeeping, concierge, guest services, communications, and __________.Question 6Environmentally conscious companies practice __________ to avoid further environmental degradation.Question 7Systems and procedures aimed at protecting the personal property of guests and employees and the hotel itself will include the following elements:Question 8The __________ governs the sale of alcoholic beverages and dictates that owners and operators of drinking establishments are liable for injuries caused by intoxicated customers.Question 9The establishment of __________ systems designed to make pricing decisions is a technology innovation utilized to maximize profits.Question 10Fast access to guests’ accounts is required by large hotels because of their high priority of __________.

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