Posted: February 11th, 2023

dq13 malap

This week will be Paraphilias. The paraphilias can bring about some very intense feelings, so for this weeks post I would like to see a few things from each of you. 1) Which paraphilia do you think you would struggle with the most? Feel free to explain why if you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to not explain if it is too personal or may be inappropriate for the class setting. 2) Which paraphilia do you think you could have the most empathy with? Again, explain if appropriate. 3) For the paraphilias which challenge you, how would you go about approaching a client exhibiting such symptoms/behavior? For this question, concentrate on how you can be most effective for the client; not in terms of what interventions may be best, but rather how to make sure your stuff doesn’t get in the way of your client’s growth and healing.

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dq13 malap
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