DQ 2

   Compare and opposition the two divergent fashions of solution-oriented therapy you observed in the Berg and Grantham videos. Describe some things they did that were harmonious in naturalness and what you noticed about their curative fashion that was divergent. Share whether you reach one or the other of these conversant therapists was past cogent than the other or not, and why you reach this way. Carefully reperuse the condition of the pre-med novice, Dan Lee, through a solution-focused lens. This condition is presented by Walsh (2014) from a person-centered intercession perspective. As you peruse this condition anew through a solution-focused lens, meditate how you would employ this client from a solution-focused perspective. Share your thoughts and intent, and involve a small colloquy that demonstrates a solution-focused interaction between the two of you. Close this distribute of your argument column by commenting on whether you reach SFT would be past or hither cogent than PCT in this condition and finished delay your rationale. Finally, finished this week’s judicious column by sharing your thoughts on the following: Solution-focused therapy has been utilized in a expanded order of presenting manifestations and situations. Share a presenting manifestation that you reach would be hither delayhold for a solution-focused vestibule concurrently delay an fluctuate vestibule that you reach would be past delayhold and why you came to this falsification.