Posted: October 26th, 2022


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Article Summary on Social Media Regulation.

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Over the years, there have been many countless violations of the guidelines on social media use in terms of posts that are fake, propaganda and perhaps shred posts that could otherwise spark violence among nations or even civilians of a particular country (Ghosh, 2021). Recently the social media seemed to have taken a different diversion from what we used to see some years back when people intentionally misused social media platforms to articulate their feelings by posting fake news and propaganda about a particular country, president, or affiliates of a certain political movement as it as seen in the case of Russians company fake news in 2014 /2015.

The recent case in the united states where violence erupted at the U.S. capitol. Social media companies have decided to ensure that business, political, and government leaders or any other body will not misuse their sites. cmThe question is how will this look like, and how far the social media regulators can prevent the use of abusive and violence oriented speech and other remarks? In almost every year while he was in power, Mr. Trump the who was the U.S president, often misused social medial, particularly Tweeter and Facebook, by posting and sharing misleading content that inflamed his millions of followers over political issues that could have been otherwise dealt with professionally without sharing with social media users (Ghosh, 2021).

A few weeks ago, the giant social media platforms that are both Facebook and tweeter to a step where Facebook indefinitely banned Trump as tweeter permanently banned him from using their platforms (Ghosh, 2021). This was an indication that social media companies have taken the initiative to protect their platforms from being misused, although to some people, it may sound like an infringement of one’s freedom of speech with respect to the U.S constitutional First Amendment.

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Part 2.

Social media is a good thing as it influences almost all aspects of human life. It provides the easiest and fastest means of communication and academic content sharing. It provides the most effective platform for interaction among many users from various parts of the world. Recently, their usage has seen people fight and even engage in public violence (Fox, 2020).

According to Chris Fox’s article, he argues that social media platforms’ regulations may lead to the rise of chaos and threats to our democratic rights. Yes, it may sum unto that, but then the long-term effects of seeing social media platforms used maliciously to spread hash and non-tolerable posts from different sects. Perhaps the article has exemplary give incredible suggestions owing to the rise indiscriminate misuse of social media, which aims to bar and add friction to online sharing to prevent rampant spread of fake content and unsubstantiated facts (Fox, 2020).

Worth mentioning is that the reports compiled some non-binding recommendation to over 38 countries, including UK, France, South Korea, and Canada, Germany, and India. one of the good things noted from the article is that it indulged other pertinent stakeholders sic as Cambridge analytical, former Facebook investor digital rights groups such as electronic frontier foundation as well as free expression group Article 19 (Fox, 2020). Among the recommendations given by the report, social media networks should display a correction to every user who might have been exposed to the fake news of propaganda when the independent fact-checkers identify that the created stories were fake. Additionally, the article suggests that social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and tweeter ought to provide mechanisms limiting the number of times messages can be forwarded to large groups of which, in my view, I think will affect bossiness entities who rely on sharing of their content to larger groups to facilitates marketing.

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Fox, C. (2020, November 12). Social media: How might it be regulated? – BBC News. Retrieved from

Ghosh, D. (2021, January 14). Are We Entering a New Era of Social Media Regulation? Retrieved from

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