Posted: November 25th, 2022




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Cognitive evaluation







I have chosen a scene from my favorite TV show, Once Upon a Time. A common theme in the show is that believing in yourself and your abilities can allow you to do things you never thought you were capable of, magical or otherwise. This is an example of Self-Efficacy Theory. In this scene, Regina is attempting to tutor Emma in magic, when she realizes that Emma’s power only shines when she is confident in herself and trusts her instincts. By putting Emma in a dangerous situation, Regina is forcing her to believe in her instincts.


My video is from the classic TV series Star Trek. The main character Kirk demonstrates the self-efficacy theory. He is talking about a “no-win” simulation recruits must go through. He is the only one to pass it and the way he did it was technically by changing it, not beating it. He shows his confidence when he was facing a difficult task and had belief in himself to defeat it no matter what. Even as his team says he cheated he does not care because he found a way to motivate himself to beat it. As Kirk says, I don’t like to lose.  

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