Posted: November 14th, 2022

discussion question week 4

Develop your vision of the ideal health care system.

List some of the characteristics that constitute such a system. What would be the goal or goals of your ideal system?

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discussion question week 4
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Think about how you would go about implementing your ideal system. 

Consider some of the problems you are likely to encounter. 

Must address all of the topics.

50-word minimum/250-word maximum without the references.

Minimum of two references in APA format. If additional articles chosen, they must have been published within last 3-5 years.

APA format 


Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Student’s Name: Monica Gallo

Date: 03/16/2021

Qualitative is the opposite of quantitative research. There are collections and analyses of non-numerical information like audio, videos, and texts used to understand better experiences, concepts, and opinions better in qualitative research. Qualitative research can gather in-depth information about a given issue and generate advanced ideas for carrying out research. This type of research is commonly used in social sciences, humanities, sociology, anthropology, education, history, and health sciences (Elliott, 2018).

Quantitative research defines a laid-out investigation based on gathering data and performing statistics, computational, or mathematical techniques. This research type is based on collected information from potential and existing sources by use of samples, surveys, polls, and questionnaires. The outcome of quantitative data is mainly based on prediction. An excellent example in nursing is when a survey is conducted to determine the estimated time a doctor should take while attending to a patient from the moment they walk into a hospital. That kind of information can be obtained by questioning patients about their routines when visiting a hospital (Coorey et al., 2018).

As a result, qualitative research is more reliable and can give accurate information, unlike quantitative analysis. Qualitative research relies on collecting and analyzing data, while quantitative relies on surveys and predictions.


Coorey, G. M., Neubeck, L., Mulley, J., & Redfern, J. (2018). Effectiveness, acceptability, and usefulness of mobile applications for cardiovascular disease self-management: Systematic review with meta-synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data. European journal of preventive cardiology, 25(5), 505-521.

Elliott, V. (2018). Thinking about the coding process in qualitative data analysis. The Qualitative Report, 23(11), 2850-2861.

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