Posted: October 27th, 2022

Discussion Question


Discuss CH1 Minding the Obligation Gap

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Discussion Question
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The Edge

Hip hop is a musical art form that has a sociopolitical message. The hip hop movement originated in New York in the mid 70s and it early pioneers were African Americans who were members of the lower socioeconomic class. Grandmaster Flash can arguably be recognized as the father of the hip hop. His song The Message paints the picture of disenfranchised youth, living on “the edge” or margins of society. Today, a number of the students attending community colleges are experiencing many of the same circumstances Grandmaster Flash rapped about.


Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Official Video) – YouTube



Minding the Obligation Gap Summer Learning Institute Webinar #1 – YouTube


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Chapter 1 of “Minding the Obligation Gap in Community Colleges” opens by challenging the idea of “disruption” and how we’re conditioned through our educational experiences to categorize this as a negative action from a student. The authors suggest a shift in perspective away from the behavior and towards the educational structures themselves. As stated in the reading, community colleges often act as the first step for PERMSCs to pursue their professional goals and endeavors. Therefore, the information presented here should be of key interest to those that serve in community college, both as administrators and educators. We need to look at the European American system that we’ve become accustomed to and become aware of how this  ties into cultural dissonance, equity gaps and hyper marginalization of students. 

The emphasis of White Supremacy, especially in the “Bursting the Myth” section, is a topic that has and will continue to be highlighted in the midst of our current social movements, namely Black Lives Matter. The prevalence and continuation of racism is due to White Supremacy being a foundational block of many of our systems in America today, including education. This is a topic that I got the chance to do more research on when focusing on CRT (Critical Race Theory) in graduate school and how this translates to higher education settings. The call for racial equality, social justice and reform has continued to increase in volume throughout the past several years. Just in the past year alone, more educational institutions are focusing and aligning with this movement on a national (and global) scale. While it may take many years to completely dismantle White Supremacy from education and in our nation as a whole, recognizing the issues and systems that are barriers for success for PERMSCs is a step in the right direction.

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