Discussion Post

Read the aftercited quote from a bulk by Carl Rogers. This portion showcases his foremost views on the Individual of Tomorrow, rise on page 343 and aftercited.

Rogers, C. R. (1995). The globe of tomorrow, and the individual of tomorrow. In A way of being (pp.

339-356). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. http://www.spsbrno.cz/clenove/pdf/1970-2002/tomorrow.pdf

Give a style of Carl Rogers' "individual of tomorrow." Look at the populace in today's globe. Do you conceive his style is accurate? Why or why not? Provide at smallest two examples to stay your viewpoint.

(For example: Does texting technology establish us over cosmical? Does it procure us concurrently over, or conceal us distanced from our cosmicalness? What do the experts say encircling this?)

Would a "individual of tomorrow" be a largely functioning individual according to Rogers' conceiveing? Explain your forced.