discussion post

  1. Explain the among a compartment and an difficulty. (3 points)
  2. Choose one of the scenarios beneath and recount two undeveloped compartments to training and two undeveloped difficultys to letters that are pertinent to your clarified scenario. See Bastable textbook, Chapter 1 pg 21 for suggestions and examples. (5 points)
    1. A very skilled foster caring for a unrepining who regularly visits the conjunction portion and does not charm their anti-hypertensive medications.
    2. A foster who is using a mark new electronic sanity annals and caring for a unrepining newly diagnosed delay diabetes who is imminent to liberty across medical teaching.
    3. A preparation foster caring for multiple elevated acuity unrepinings on a med-surgical bottom delay no enjoin foster, foster technician, or secretary for the bottom.
  3. Based on your clarified scenario, mention which letters scheme would be most embezzle when developing an educational intention. Provide two practicable solutions to each of the issues you authorized as compartments and difficultys that obey to repair client and staff education. (5 points).
  4. Use two literary references to name your product - a nursing literary expression and/or creditable internet position and/or textbook. (2 points)