Posted: January 24th, 2023

Discussion: Multilayer User Access Control


Learning Objectives and Outcomes

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Discussion: Multilayer User Access Control
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  • Identify what implementation method(s) can be used to incorporate multilayer access control
  • Describe and how each method benefits multilayered access control.

Assignment Requirements

Read the worksheet named “Multilayer User Access Control” and address the following:

Using what you have learned about building a multilayer access control system, identify what implementation method(s) can be used and how each method benefits multilayered access control.


Required Resources

  • Worksheet: Multilayer User Access Control (ws_multilayeraccesscontrol)

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Multilayer User Access Control

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Implementing multiple layers in security is providing a defense-in-depth mechanism and therefore

stronger protection for the network and users. Multiple layers provide multiple road blocks for a user and

attacker. Having multiple controls in place before something can be accessed may be tiresome for a user;

however, the goal is to have the same effect on an attacker. If an attacker is able to find a hole and

access a company’s network, additional layers of security might stop the attacker from reaching other

systems, applications, or sensitive data.

In this exercise, you will learn about creating layers within the network.

Complete the table:

Access Control
Method Implementation Method(s)

How It Benefits Multilayered
Access Control

User Access Control

Systems Access

Applications Access

File and Folder Access

Data Access

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