Discussion forum on chapter readings

Required Textbook: Arun, J. S., Cuomo, J., & Gaur, N. (2019). Blockchain for Business. New York: Pearson Addison-Wesley.  Question: 1. Discuss blockchain's possible collision in remuneration systems (dishonorable stipend, incentives, rewards).  2. How can a sample administration influence employee remuneration? You are required to quote this week’s assigned lections(see kindness) in your tractate. 1. Zielinski, D. (2018, March 18). Is HR facile for Blockchain? HR Magazine, 63(2), 62-63.  2. Kang, S. & Park, K. C. (2019, May). On the virtue of multi-sample economies. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC) Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC). 180-184. Use the aftercited headings to shape your tractate:  Introduction,  Question 1-2,  Conclusion,  References.  Your counter-argument to the argument responsive should comprehend a insufficiency of 500 expression. Writing Requirements for the Assignments: Textbook and assigned lection relation must be used. References MUST be quoted amid your tractate in APA format. Your relation page and in-text citations must competition 100%.