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Topic: Compare and contrariety metaghostly theories

Thread: Now that you enjoy literary environing competing ghostly theories,  write a 500-600 engagement tenor that compares and contrarietys a Christian  ghostly doctrine delay a competing ghostly doctrine. Since we enjoy already  looked at ghostly relativism in DB 1, you should elect from any doctrine  in the Moral Reasoning textbook save ghostly relativism. That instrument  you can elect from Virtue Ethics, Natural Law, Ghostly Egoism,  Utilitarianism, Duty Ethics, Social Contract Theory, and Moral Realism  (or any association of these) in contrariety to a Christian ghostly doctrine  such as Divine Command, Divine Nature, or Christian Revelational Ethics  (or a association of these).

  1. How does each scheme specify “the good-tempered-tempered?” How does each right to apprehend “the good-tempered-tempered?”
  2. What, if everything, do these schemes enjoy in beggarly? What, if everything, are their key differences?
  3. Which doctrine do you reckon is the stronger ghostly doctrine? Defend  your defense. This developed investigation should admit up the preponderance of your  thread.

Be strong to carefully specify your conditions. You are encouraged to  support your collocation delay reasonable arguments, impartial examples, and  expert sources. Any quotes or notification used from sources other than  yourself must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and  conquer not compute towards the whole engagement compute.

You conquer be penalized for onflow concise or bland the engagement compute.  This is a university-level agreement assignment and for-this-reason it must be  carefully proofread, unimpeded of language, spelling, and punctuation errors.  Do not use confused-talk, emoticons, or abbreviations (as if you are texting or  sending an email to a chum).