Posted: October 27th, 2022

Discussion/APA Style

Chapter 12

It has been said, that the cost to Medicare and even to society in general of healthcare of the elderly in this country is “way out of line”.  The actual spending of healthcare on the elderly constitutes approximately 1/3 of the total healthcare expenditures on less than 20% of the population. This would imply that more money is spent on time taking care of the elderly than any other age group.


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Discussion/APA Style
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  1. Read the article, ‘For the Elderly, Being Heard About Life’s End’- article pictures added 
  2. Answer the questions as thoroughly and concisely as possible/ APA style writing, minimum 1-2 pages.

    Is the myth of the elderly true?
    Are all the elderly sick, all the time, or are the physicians taking advantage of a government-run system in order to make more money?
    Is this a warning to all of us before the great gray surge becomes worse that healthcare will be impossible to provide to all of the elderly

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