Posted: October 27th, 2022

discussion 4 327

Discussion post respond 

Discussion 3

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discussion 4 327
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In this section we will be discussing Social Perception. Three concepts to discuss: nonverbal communication, attribution, and perception formation. This section corresponds to chapter 3 of your textbook (begins on page 73). Initial posts are due Friday by 11:59pm, and responses to fellow students are due Sunday by 11:59pm.

For your discussion post, please select one of the following prompts:

• Nonverbal communication: Your friends are a nosey bunch (admittedly with good intentions) and decide to set you up on a blind date. You begrudgingly go (no this isn’t autobiographical, why do you ask?). Happily, you find yourself absolutely smitten with your date, and they seem to be giving you reciprocal nonverbal cues as well as “a look of love” as your book puts it. Drawing from the readings answer the following: (1) is there reason to believe you’re interpreting your dates nonverbal cues accurately, (2) what are some potential nonverbal cues that may be signaling that your date is also smitten?

• Impression Formation and Management: Congratulations! You just recently fulfilled a lifelong dream and have started your own small business, an restaurant/arcade (think Dave and Busters). The best part? Your first year was so successful that you need to higher new staff. Previously your family and a reliable friend have made up your staff but now you need to perform interviews for a second manager. First impressions are often touted as being particularly important and resistant to change. Drawing on the readings (there is an additional reading on D2L that may assist), answer the following questions: (1) If all of the interviewees make bad first impressions but you hire the best of the bad, what are the conditions that may alter your first impressions of this individual and (2) what are some impression management techniques this individual could employ to change this initial impression?

MUST BE FROM Book material

Textbook(s) Required: Social Psychology, Branscombe & Baron, 14th edition. ISBN-13: 978-0134410968 ISBN-10: 0134410963

Respond words up to 150 words min.


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