Topic 2 DQ 1 Discuss the mode your CLC team is using to assess your team’s plan proposals, prioritization, and choice. What challenges are you experiencing? What is afloat courteous, specially in provisions of creating the production breakdown constitutions? If you own not afloat afloat on your CLC at this date, what challenges do you predict? Please be biased. Topic 2 DQ 2 How do you regard your CLC team should go about analyzing an organizational constitution in provisions of creating a production breakdown constitution? What are the main organizational characteristics that should be evaluated? Provide an pattern to buttress your reply. You may use your CLC assignment and contrast counsel as your buttress.    Topic 3 DQ 1 What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating vestibulees? Determine advantages and disadvantages for using each vestibule. Under what provisions would you choose one balance the other? Provide a biased pattern to buttress your reply. Topic 3 DQ 2  Why stir creating a WBS? Why not go undeviating to a plan netproduction and learn the WBS?