Posted: October 27th, 2022

Discussion 3 #1: Empathy The Human Connection to Patient CareHospitals/Medical Centers are very busy places.  As Healthcare workers, we are often rushed and behind schedule.  Take time to observe and take in each situation in the video. Provide a minimum of a two paragraph response.In the first part of your response, put yourself in the place of one of the patients in the video and summarize your thoughts and your state of mind.In the second part of your response, put yourself in the place of ANY hospital worker.  Describe who you are and what or how you feel as you pass the patient you just described in the first part of your response.  (If you work at a Hospital now or have worked at a Hospital in the past, be honest and answer this part of the response – not as you know you should but with the reality of your typical day to day.)

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Discussion 3
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