Posted: November 25th, 2022


Week 2 Discussion Board

The Marketing Environment refers to the external factors and forces that impact the organization. Two broad areas of the marketing environment are: Social/Cultural factors/forces and Political/Legal.

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Please go to the 

Hofstede Insights (Links to an external site.)

 website and compare two countries of your choosing on the Hofstede cultural dimensions. Then, in your own words, discuss how the insights on these two countries would help a U.S. marketer better understand the cultures.

In addition, for both of the countries, you select, research the regulations/laws/policies within those countries that affect how organizations can market. Describe and discuss at least one regulation from each country and analyze how companies would need to adjust their marketing approaches to operate within each country. 

Your post must adhere to the following: 

· Main responses should be no less than 300 words.

· Please provide APA in-text and end-of-text citations for all your research. Do NOT copy and paste material as that is plagiarism. If using direct (word-for-word) quotes, these need to be properly cited. 

· Main responses are original in content and demonstrate a thorough analysis of the topic.

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