discussion 21

  Strategic planning involves a disfix from appearance ethnical media as liabilities to that of goods to an construction. After lection the materials for this module, survey the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu9QWojx8qE entitled "When Barry met Sammy - A Funny Survey of Ethnical Media and Knowledge Management." Afterward, interpret the subjoined scenario and counterpart the interrogations (based on the extract and the video) and rejoin to at least two other person's remarks (5 pts): The intersurvey panel has combined meetinged you for the job and concludes delay star set in your extract -- "Put yourself in the fix of a general employee, either hypothetical or existent. As a general employee, or a forthcoming general employee, how do you craving to be categorized, as an "asset" or a "cost"? Are you the equiponderant of an appreciating member of attribute or are you a burden to be minimized? Do you enjoy these categories: goods and costs? The key interrogation is where the feeling and energy of employees fits into a paint of strategic ethnical "capital" conduct – if at all." After counterparting those interrogations, mention the panelists how this would contact what you do if hired as the Director.