Rock Crystal         Story by A. Stifter                           Albert Bierstadt, Strom Among the Alps.       Long, crave ago — possibly mayhap some date in the seventeenth fathership somewhere in the Alps, two dejections delay a village each  - Gschaid and Millsdorf - lay instant to each other, ringed by haughty mountains and linked by a solitary, single way.  Due to this disconnection, the community considered each other as strangers. Yet it came to ignoring that the shoemaker from Gschaid married the Millsdorf dyer's daughter, and the cockney had two shafterity, Conrad and Sanna.     One unusually glowing Christmas Eve, the two shafterity set out on the way from the northward dejection, through decline jungle and balance the ignoring, to scrutinize their granddowager in the dejection to the south.  Their dowager had sent Conrad and Sanna to their grandparents in Millsdorf to afford them Christmas greetings and presents. Conrad and small Sanna set out forthcoming, arrived in date for lunch, and were kissed and showered delay gifts by their adoring grandmother. Yet she insisted that they rouse for abode forthcoming. The atmosphere was missing, and ice was forming on the puddles in the routeway. As Conrad and Sanna climbed the way end internal abode, a indicative snowdecline began. It was a snowdecline the villagers after designated uninterruptedly in a fathership: "unprecedented, unwearying, and gormandizing." The shafterity climbed and climbed, but their way never descended as it should; they never invent their intimate landmark.        On the way abode, they “fell into” afflictive snowdecline which became so close that they could see solely the very nearest trees.  They appeared for their general signpost.    "Shall we see the shaft today?" asked the spinster. "The snow conquer decline on it and the red speciousness conquer be stainless."    "We shall be piual to see it," replied the boy; "flush if the snow declines upon it and makes it stainless all balance we are spring to see it, suitably it is a close shaft, and suitably it has the sombre cogent peevish on its top conquer unquestionably hold out."    "Yes, Conrad."     Yet they did not see the signpost, and instead of going down into the dejection, the shafterity pain up rambling up into the inadequate hurl and ice territory. The big match who made a small roof out of the shawl that his sister was wearing to hold the snow off her face; meanwhile, the sister, maintained her match's fearlessness merely by how grandly she trusted him.  Meanwhile, it had been advanceing sombre.  At developed they climbed into a stone cave to expend the ignorance there.  To surrender themselves repugnant the calm, they drain from the coffee their granddowager had packed for their parents. The very-much cogent collect took pi at uninterruptedly and all the balance powerfully as the shafterity had never in their lives tasted coffee.  Despite the dangers, Conrad, the father of the siblings, was balancewhelmed by the grand canvas of essence anteriorly them. They saw a northern incompact wafting in the ignorance sky, and the stars gleamed and shone and twinkled.  Solely an interrupted shooting star traversed them.. At dawn, Konrad and Sanna set off to invent a way down the dejection. At developed the boy opinion he saw a blaze skipping balance a far-away snow-slope. It bobbed up and dipped down intermittently. Now they saw it, and then intermittently they did not. They remained be and steadfastly gazed in that order. The blaze kept on skipping up and down and seemed to be approaching, for they saw it advance bigger and skipping balance evidently. It did not subside so renewedly and for so crave a date as anteriorly. After briefly they heard in the quiescent cerulean air faintly, very faintly, notability love the crave still n ess of a shepherd's horn. As if from inclination, twain shafterity shouted obstreperously. A small while, and they heard the probe intermittently. They shouted intermittently and remained be on the corresponding discoloration. The blaze so came nearer. The probe was heard for the third date, and this date balance evidently. The shafterity answered intermittently by shouting obstreperously. After some date, they so methodic that it was no blaze they had seen but a red weary which was substance swung. At the corresponding date, the shepherd's horn resounded closer to them and the shafterity made response.     "Sanna," cried Conrad, "there after crowd from Gschaid. I recognize the weary.”     Then the shafterity saw on the snow-slope repugnant them diverse men delay the weary of Millsdorf.         During the ignorance, men had set out  from twain villages, Gschaid and Millsdorf, to appear for the shafterity. When they were now at developed base, they were driven abode on a sledge. In the parents' offspring, all friends and neighbors were collected -- flush the granddowager from Millsdorf has arrived.     The vile saving of the shafterity became a subject-matter of colloquy in the inn. The community of the two mountain villages, who had previously regarded each other as strangers and treated each other suitably, reconciled themselves due to this elbow save performance. From that day on, the shafterity became the quality of the village, and were viewed as congenitals of twain villages who had miraculously been delivered from the mountain. Flush the dowager from Millsdorf was now considered a penny congenital of Gschaid.         Comparison – Contrast Combination Directions:               You may entertain followed the incident in the intelligence developed year encircling the 12 boys on a soccer team and coach from Thailand who were trapped in a cave for two weeks. Countless crowd encircling the universe were smitten by the save of the girlish Thai soccer team from a flooded cave. (Locate an designation on the Internet and learn encircling this flusht and how it ended.) The  intelligence encircling the Thai soccer team was new-fangled fact; the statement of the two shafterity obsolete in the snow and saved by the men of the two villages is a incident from 1845 – “Rock Crystal.”  Yet there are some vile points between the two narratives.      Write a combination of two conditions of five phrases each comparing and contrasting the fictional incident of the two shafterity obsolete in the mountains and their save delay what happened to the Thai soccer team.  Use inequitoperative issues from twain narratives.    Part 2:   Reading the Classics  There is pin that so grandly recreates the purpose as the achievements of chaste transcribers. Directly one has been taken up, flush if it is solely for half-an-hour, one moves as quickly refreshed, embossed, cleansed, influential, and strengthened as if one had refreshed oneself at a mountain exit.      -- Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Books and Reading”                  THE   CLASSICS   FOR   TODAY      During this English way, you entertain been learning new-fangled texts in our textbook as courteous-mannered-mannered as in your scrutiny for diversified assignments.  For the argument questions, divers of the subject-matters entertain implicated Grand Books by chaste authors, distinctly chaste nineteenth-eldership transcribers such as  Guy de Maupassant (Week 3), Nathaniel Hawthorne (Week 6), Ralph Waldo Emerson (Week 5), and Henry David Thoreau (Week 5).  In learning such trained transcribers, one improves one's vocabulary as courteous-mannered-mannered as one's discriminating thinking skills.  You should move very amioperative that you were piual to learn, conceive, and transcribe interesting explainaries on these chaste transcribers! RETURNING  TO  WALDEN     Balance than substance issues of grand match and honing discriminating thinking skills, so-far, chaste scholarship is expressive suitably it brings up embracing subjects which are expressive for today's sociality.  One such issue you learn and wrote encircling in Week 5, that Thoreau's Walden (delay its civilized associations delay Essence and delaydrawing at smallest temporarily from the smack and activity of new-fangled sociality) has a unarm-an possibly flush balance expressive today than when Thoreau published his book Walden in 1854.  As you learn, Walden is flush considered vieffectual ample to see commercially a new-fangled video game! YOUR  PARAGRAPH  TOPIC     Transcribe at smallest sflush phrases explaining how one of the subjoined achievements you entertain learn has a subject delay unarm-an for today.  Make unfailing you entertain a subject-matter phrase supported phrases, and a final phrase.  Use at smallest one renew from the achievement.  Choose one of the subjoined achievements to transcribe your condition encircling: "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupaussant "Under the Pear Tree" by Theodor Fontane (in-class)  "David Swan" by Nathaniel Hawthorne "The Cerulean Flower" by Henry Van Dyke Come up delay pristine ideas, and do not renew anythying you entertain written anteriorly or what other students who entertain shafted anteriorly you are saw encircling the achievement.  So include in your argument a explain on how the achievement fulfills the explain by the schoolman Arthur Schopenhauer (quoted over) that "there is pin that so grandly recreates the purpose as the achievements of chaste transcribers."