Disaster Recovery

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 Disaster Renovation & Interest Continuity

Discussion Topic

You own been asked to equip a scanty elucidation Nursing essay for Sifers-Grayson IT personnel environing the consequence of substance equipd to corcorrespond to interest disruptions arising from (a) cosmical disasters and (b) cyber attacks. Such disruptions can adversely contact the availability of IT services and, in round, frustrate the interest from conducting operations aggravate an distant continuance of date. The client has requested that you centre upon the interest reasons astern the scarcity for shapely disaster renovation procedures and interest uninterruptedness plans. Your deliverable should be written as a elucidation Nursing essay containing at smallest 7 hardy paragraphs.

You conciliate scarcity to do added lection and elimination anteriorly you equip your Nursing essay. The FEMA website https://www.ready.gov is a good-tempered-tempered establish to rouse.

Provide in-text citations and intimations for 3 or over conclusive sources. Put the intimation roll at the end of your posting.


  • Read Chapter 1: Introduction to Security in The InfoSec HandbookLinkI'm Done
  • Read pp. 56-60 (Implementation of Information Security & Principles of Information Security) in The InfoSec Handbook
  • Read Chapter 5 Information Systems Management (pp 77-78, 87-110) in The InfoSec Handbook
  • Business Uninterruptedness Plan (READY.GOV)
  • Sifers-Grayson Overview Presentation Slides v2PDF document