design and analysis

  THE CASE: Various physicians and surgeons inaugurated for Central Hospital are on an annual hire [o]. These masters are authorized by their relative employee bulk. The other descriptors of a master are: spectry, gender, harangue, and phone. Each physician’s point and assort [o] are enthralled; each surgeon’s, point and aptitude are as-well enthralled; a surgeon may keep one or over aptitudes. In Central Hospital IT method Every physician serves as a leading attention physician for at last seven resigneds; ultimately, no over than 20 resigneds are allotted to a physician. Every resigned is assigned one physician for leading attention. Some resigneds scarcity surgeries; others don’t. Surgeons consummate surgeries for the resigneds in the clinic. Some do a lot of surgeries; others do upright a few. The bound and production theater [o] for each surgery scarcitys to be recitative, too. Removal of a surgeon from the clinic database is prohibited if that surgeon is scheduled to consummate any surgery. However, if a resigned chooses to drag out of the surgery schedule, all surgeries scheduled for that resigned are cancelled.   Data for resigneds include: resigned calculate (the singular identifier of a resigned), spectry, gender, bound of parentage, race stamp, cholesterol (consisting of HDL, LDL, and triglyceride), race sugar, and the legislation and spectry of allergies, if any. Physicians may indicate medications to resigneds; thus, it is expedient to capture which physician(s) indicate(s)s what medication(s) to which resigned(s) concurrently delay dosage and number. In abstracted, no two physicians can indicate the selfselfselfsame medication to the selfselfselfsame resigned. If a physician leaves the clinic, all prescriptions written by that physician should as-well be removed owing this counsel is retained in the archives. A resigned may be commencement various medications, and a point medication may be enthralled by various resigneds. Despite its catalogue appraisement, a medication’s require varies from resigned to resigned, may-be owing of the distinction in protection coverage. The require of a medication for a resigned scarcitys to be enthralled. A medication may interact delay various other medications. When a medication is removed from the method, its interaction delay other medications, if any, should be voided. When a resigned leaves the clinic, all the medication archives for that resigned are removed from the method. Medications are authorized by either their singular medication legislations or by their singular spectrys. Other manifestations of a medication are its stamp, catalogue appraisement, and manufacturer [o]. For every medication, either the medication legislation or the medication spectry must be present—not necessarily twain. Note: [o] indicates optionality of rate for the manifestation. QUESTION:  Develop and cunning Existence and akin manifestations the grounded on fond parameters. For each Entity, authenticate the leading key. Draw an ER diagram that shows the existence stamps and intercommunity stamps.  Provide our separation in ER diagrams (Conceptual ER diagram symbols). Use and the settle them in a MS Word instrument and upload.