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After reading Chapter 6:

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Answer the Discussion Question that: Why is a job analysis important?

Respond to three other discussion(I’ll uploaded letter after you done the Discussion ). (Your response must

be of significance, more than just yes or no)

You will need to post your comment as respond to the 3 comments by no more than 2-3 Complete Sentences. I

Looking on the depth, not the length of your comments

Comment to: (Please no more than 2-3 Complete Sentences.)


According to Human Resource Management in HealthCare Principle and Practice( Fallon, 2014, p.117). A

job analysis involves extensive studying of a specific position and yields information for a position

description. The person conducting a job analysis gathers information about positions from several sources.

These include interviews with people currently in the position (also referred to as job or position

incumbents), observing their performance of the job’s duties or tasks, worksheets or questionnaires

completed by employees, and information from sources.

Healthcare executives should conduct job analysis, because this is how HR managers are able to develop

job specifications and descriptions. This is what determines a job’s duties, tasks, and activities. The purpose

of job analysis is to improve organizational performance and productivity.

Now you may wonder, what is the difference between a job description, a job specification and a job

analysis. A job description explains the job and it’s duties. A job specification includes personal

qualifications required in order to perform what is stated in the job description. The relationship between job

description, job specification, and job analysis is that they are a guide for recruitment and selection. If a

healthcare organization doesn’t use any job descriptions, unqualified individuals would apply for the job and

the organization would have unskilled workers.

Comment to: (Please no more than 2-3 Complete Sentences.)


What is the importance of job analysis, and what do they actually do? Job analysis has to gather, pr ocess,

and analyze information that is of value for the essentials of a job and the factors in which these jobs are

performed. The information is used for making any type of employment decisions. This means when

choosing, teaching, assessing, and dealing with any kind of situation with an employee, that is a job analysis

main job.

A job analysis is basically a type of human resource person. The precise information about every job

position in that organization helps it run smoothly and achieve maximum productivity with little waste or

expense. Competition and federal regulations have made the job of analysis more important and more

involved to the company or organization. This is a key factor in running any organization, picking and

placing their employees in the correct and specific job that fits them.

Another main importance of a job analysis is knowing the position description of every and all jobs.

The job specifications have to line up with the description of the job. These speci fications such as skills and

efforts that are required, what the responsibility is, the type of working conditions, and any other duties that

might be required for the job. These specifications can then be matched up to the correct job description.

The information from a job analysis can now be used by HR management to place employees and fill their

organizations’ jobs.

Comment to: (Please no more than 2-3 Complete Sentences.)


Job analysis includes careful evaluation of what needs to be done, responsibilities, what

are the desired qualifications, skill sets, and other requirements to perform the job.

Basically, it is about collecting as much data as possible on both sides, the employer, and

the employee. On the employee’s side, it ensures no critical information is mi ssed that

could potentially lead to the selection of a misfit employee, who does not possess the

essential set of skills to perform the tasks required by the position effectively. Whereas, on

the employer’s side it makes sure that no employee has to face the consequences of

misinformation or lack of information leading to dissatisfaction. For example, if an

employee is underpaid, it is very likely that he/she will quit the job soon due to discontent.

Job analysis is the first step in preparing the position description which mainly constitutes

the identifying data, summary of the job, and a list of key tasks. Another important output

of a job analysis is an extensive and precise job description. This information is very

important for HR for selection and training of the employee, evaluating the employee, and

determining the compensation and benefits package for the employee. Besides, the

significance of job analysis is greatly increased due to the highly competitive market, as

well as the need to keep in compliance with the federal regulations. For example, while

developing a position description, a job analysis makes sure that the work hours are in

compliance with the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) regulations (Fallon Jr & McConnell,


Moreover, job analysis plays an important role in the performance analysis of an

employee. It is useful in setting up performance standards as well as evaluation criteria for

measuring the performance of the worker. Performance analysis is important to decide

whether the employee is able to fulfill the tasks and duties assigned to them and helping

the organization to reach its goal. Finally, employee satisfaction plays a significant role in

employee retention. Job analysis is the tool that helps in identifying the right person for

the job, as well as determining that the employee is getting the right compensation and

benefits, along with the right amount of work.


Fallon Jr, L. F., & McConnell, C. R. (2013). Human resource management in health care:

Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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