Data structure and algorithms

  Instructions The instructions and starting templates for the assignment are stable to this module.  Please download them and supervene the instructions.  You should yield your completed .cpp commencement perfects to this MyLeoOnline folder by the due determination unintermittently you are performed after a while the assignment. There are substantially 3 commencement perfects/starting templates for this assignment: assg-07.cpp, ListType.hpp and ListType.cpp.  You deficiency to download and use all 3.  assg-07.cpp contains the ocean capacity and has tests of your method.  You should not deficiency to add anything to this perfect, singly uncomment the tests as you are afloat on your assignment.  You should add your call and instruction to the perfect header at the top of all 3 perfects.  The perfects ListType.hpp and ListType.cpp are the header perfect and applianceation perfect respectively.  You allure deficiency to add the capacity prototypes to the .hpp header perfect arrange definitions for the  capacitys you are to transcribe for this assignment.  And to-boot, you allure deficiency to transcribe and  appliance your capacitys for this assignment in the .cpp perfect.