Posted: February 11th, 2023

Data Signal Communication Conversion Technologies

Due by Wednesday April 12, 2017 before 7 pm eastern standard time (EST).Topic: Data Signal Communication Conversion TechnologiesScenario: You are working for a company that has a network application for accessing a database of corporate profiles. From your computer workstation, a request for a profile travels over the corporate local areas network to a modem. The modem, using DSL, connects to the Internet and finally into the database service. The database services are essentially a modem and a mainframe computer.Instructions:Create a table that shows every time data or signals are converted to a different form in this scenario. For each entry in the table, show where the conversion is taking place, the form of the incoming information, and the form of the outgoing information.Write a two-page paper in current APA format that includes a table that shows each time the data or signals are converted, where the conversion takes place, and the form of incoming and outgoing information. List all Reference source in APA format.No PALGIARISM !!!!!!!!!

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Data Signal Communication Conversion Technologies
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