Posted: February 11th, 2023

Cyber security improvement areas

This week we will be continuing our journey to develop and communicate a cyber-security improvement plan in our case study assignment for PureLand Chemical. During week-5, we’ll be developing and submitting a description of the areas of weakness that will be the focus for improvements within the plan.1.  First, read the document titled,  Site summary report PureLand Wastewater. 2.  Using the information in the  Site summary report document in addition to your own knowledge of PureLand Wastewater, write a two page summary of the security improvements you recommend for PureLand chemical to ensure better security and compliance.3. This recommended security improvements will be a part of your cyber-security improvement plan and you should strive to provide a  clear and concise description of a minimum of five recommended improvement areas and what you recommend to improve security.4. Submit to blackboard your recommended security improvements document in the assignment thread provided.

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Cyber security improvement areas
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