Posted: October 27th, 2022

culture and management paper

The assignment is to do an analysis of Management practices in the United States and compare to two other countries from different parts of the globe.  For example, compare the US to Italy and Korea, or to India and Argentina.  Pick whichever 2 countries you wish but ensure they are from different regions.

     The analysis should compare and contrast cultural differences and how they would impact business relations and practices, actual business practices in the countries, Management and authority styles for each country and how they might create conflicts, or not, with the other countries, Communication differences and styles, political and economic risks and if they would support or prevent you from beginning a venture there, etc. This is not a complete list, but an idea of where I want you to start and research.  End the paper with your perspective on how successful YOU think business people and operations between the countries would go.

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culture and management paper
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     This is a research paper and multiple sources should be used.  Use appropriate formatting and don’t forget to cite within the body of the paper.  Please submit via Blackboard in MICROSOFT WORD.  Grammar matters! I am also looking for your opinion.  International Management requires you to think outside the box you normally live and work in.  How would these countries and their business professionals do together? 

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