Posted: October 27th, 2022

Critical thinking

Write down a couple of important conclusions you have come to in your life. What are the premises (reasons) for those conclusions? How has this class helped you to think about your conclusions and the reasoning behind your conclusions? How will you use what this class has taught you to think about the reasoning (behind your conclusions) as you continue to draw conclusions in the future?

Let’s have a great final week of discussion. Please be sure to demonstrate your understanding of ideas from the course readings in your post.

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Critical thinking
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When I think about life and how far I have come, pertaining to family, friends and employement, I realized there so much more to accomplish. This course has taught me the skill/art of thinking critical and making choices that are calculated rather than making decisions out of desperation. I should have been finished with my degree years ago, but life happens sometimes and we tend to make bad life choices that can and will affect you in the long run. I am at a good employment status at the moment, however, had I completed school back then there would have been better employment opportunities for me. One must be truthfull to theirselves and calculated their next steps in life will be. I am almost 40 years old and still striving for bigger and better things in life for my wife and kids.

Moreover, realizing that I wanted to complete this degree was a choice I made for personal and career achievement advancement puposes. Furthermore, week after week during this course, we realized that we have been using these reasons forms of communicating throughout our lives. We just never realized it until Dr. Wiese, asks us to elaborate further on our topics each week with thaught provoking questions and comments that allow us to think beyond the ordinary way of thought.

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