Posted: October 27th, 2022

Crisis Intervention DQ 1 week 5student reply maydenis Molinet

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Cases of institutional crime, insecurity, and radicalization have intensified in many private and public education and research Centers. However, the improvement of the intelligence and investigation methods has made it possible to countercheck the spread of crime and radicalization in educational institutions (Decker, 2016). The panic and confusion identified in the case study can be solved by applying the SARA model. Hence, identifying the SARA model’s significant steps is one of the core strategies that can improve the documentation of the risk and the required solutions.  

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Crisis Intervention DQ 1 week 5student reply maydenis Molinet
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Scanning the problem is the primary step of the SARA model. Hence, the stage plays a paramount role in assessing the nature and the impacts of the threat (Burton & McGregor2018). Besides, scanning the problem makes it possible to formulate and identify and core stakeholders required to solve the existing panic situation. According to Burton and McGregor (2018), an assessment of the existing challenge makes it possible to collect the relevant data, information, and statistics required to draft a solution. Hence, it is paramount for the school administration, the librarians, and other core witnesses to assess the situation.

Finally, the school can use the SARA model to solve the challenge by using the assessment results to implement anti-crime strategies require to tackle the threat. In this case, some of the most effective solutions include interrogating the suspects, gathering intelligence from the witnesses, or involving law enforcement agencies (Zaman & Mohammadi, 2018). Besides, the school administration and other parties need to carry out an intensive assessment of the implemented solutions to ascertain their ability to solve and prevent the panic situation’s re-occurrence.


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Decker, S. (2016). Strategies to address gang crime: A guidebook for local law enforcement.

Zaman, R., & Mohammadi, A. A. (2018). Trends in Student Radicalization across University Campuses in Afghanistan. Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies.

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