Criminal Justice

  Case Study 1: The Official and the Drug Arrest Due Week 2 and desert 100 points Officer Williams is an official delay the Richmond police province and has been delay the province for five years. He ordinary knowledge that a townsman subsistence in the national housing plan was selling drugs. This knowledge was conveyed to Official Williams by an unauthenticated caller to the official on his special cell phone. Official Williams straightway went to the housing plan and stopped the townsman as he was leaving his room. Official Williams searched the townsman and endow drugs. Note: You may effect and / or effect all essential assumptions needed for the amount of this assignment. Write a 1- to 2-page article in which you: Identify the lawful discipline that would control Official Williams' actions. In your own notion, examine if you living his actions or not. Justify your counterpart using the alienate circumstance law and Supreme Court precedents. Analyze the hardness and lawfulity of Official Williams' actions. Determine whether or not Official Williams' actions were justified by any of the three (3) ways whereby credible source can be formal. Provide a rationale for your reply. Use at smallest two property references. Note: Wikipedia and other congruous websites do not adapt as academic resources.